Anú’s main objective is to offer a consistent, modern and creative alternative with designs full of a visual language that conveys power, transcendence, and our customers’ identity. Our pieces generate emotions and are a companion for special occasions as well as daily activities.

We want to connect excellent jewelry design with people’s desire to enjoy the benefits and powers of metals, crystals, and gemstones. Our pieces are exclusive fashionable jewels charged with spirituality, powers, and wellbeing. These original quality jewels, produced according to artisan standards, evoke emotions and improve self-image.

We work with environmentally friendly elements based on current and future research in order to replace some chemicals traditionally used in hand-made jewelry with harmless alternatives. Besides, we use specialized disposal channels for spare and hazardous material.

Our name has two distinct origins:

  • In Sumerian mythology, Anú was the God of the Skies and it was thought to have created the stars to destroy the evil ones.
  • In Sanskrit, Anú means atom defined as “the minimum portion of an element that maintains the characteristics of the whole”.

The combination of these two meanings—the minimum proportion that exhibits the wonderful properties of an element provided by nature and extrapolating the Sumerian god’s capacity to destroy the evil ones, understood as what we want to overcome to experience new situations, hopes, and dreams—gave birth to our name: Anú Jewelry.

Our principles:

  • Modern, clean and unique design
  • Exclusive fashion
  • Appreciation of handmade jewelry
  • Knowledge of the transcendence and benefits of metals, crystals, and gemstones for people’s energies and as alternative treatments according to traditional medicine
  • Guidance and support to artisans and metalsmiths
  • Modern and innovative communication techniques and permanent presence in media and social networks of target markets through ecommerce
  • Supply chain, support to the general processes of the organization.

Our values:

  • Respect: For nature and, in general, for all the individuals involved in the process, which is a daily result of the motivations and actions of the people who conduct our business activities.
  • Service orientation: Our target audience should be understood and appreciated by listening, comprehending, investigating, and addressing our Customers’ needs in order to provide them with complete information, establish suitable communication channels, and offer excellent shipping.
  • Innovation: The best environmental care practices are researched and incorporated into creative processes and unique original designs in order to constantly find opportunities and paths to enable more communication and presence.
  • Trustworthiness: Our work is in line with our principles, the information we provide is transparent, and our service is clear and professional. All of this builds trust among all stakeholders involved in our daily activities.