Why gemstones?

What difference does it make to have a specific gemstone in a jewel? To understand it, we need to talk about vibration, vibrational frequency, and resonance.

We should remember that all physical objects vibrate as a result of the movement of the electrons and protons in each atom and molecule. There are vibrations in objects, animals, people, and the atmosphere surrounding the planet.

Vibrations are also produced in all the organs, tissues, and systems of the human body. When this pattern is altered, our organism needs help to reestablish it and different alternative therapies come into play. Some of them are chromotherapy and gem therapy, which are just natural mechanisms that help us harmonize and go back to healthy vibration patterns. The human body works based on a harmonic and unified order in which each organ plays a role. When there is a disruption, we need external and higher vibration processes that resonate with our organs and take us to the harmony of their natural vibration for healing purposes.

Vibrational frequency is the constant index of electric flow between two points measured in cycles per minute called Hertz. When our vibrational frequency is suppressed or invaded by toxins or other external factors, our body weakens and our mind stagnates or agitates, which promotes stress and detachment from the spirit. This generates a state of emptiness.

Quantic physics has demonstrated that we are bioelectrical beings with electric currents running through our cells, nerves, and muscles. Our bioelectric potential is generated by different biological processes, and it is used by our cells to control the metabolism, impulses in the central nervous system, and brain functions.

In mechanics, resonance is the phenomenon that takes place when an element receives the influence of a periodic force with a similar vibration period.

For that reason, when we are intoxicated or have vibration issues in any organ in our body, we employ gems that resonate with such organ in particular, or the color of the chakra that influences it. Thus, we recover our natural vibration in a subtle but effective and healing way.

However, there is a particular condition to use this type of help: we should never wear a gemstone we are not attracted to. Often, the resonance phenomenon is not clear. The best approach is to let the gem choose you and not stubbornly apply a gem just because of its color or chakra correspondence.

The universe and nature are infinitely wiser, and they will know which one we should choose. For that reason, the selection of a stone must be intuitive and based on attraction, not logical reasoning.