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Raising our confidence and enhancing motivation and hope are some of the aids of the energies and vibrations of the powerful Citrine. A gem with cleansing and regenerative powers, of projective energy, that ignites our vital energy. A gem that absorbs, transmutes, dissipates and conducts negative energy to the ground, being very protective for the environment. We use it when we need an enabling element to make decisions, formulate business projects or close negotiations. It is known as the guide to wealth and abundance. It gives us security, joy of living, ignites our vital energy and frees us from deep fears.

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Technical specifications

Citrine drop earrings, mounted on a bezel, surrounded by a silver ribbon forming a 2.7 cm by 1.6 cm drop, height of the drop in silver 1.2mm, thickness of the silver 0.6mm. Weight 4.5 grams. Natural gems, made in silver Law 950, by hand, by Colombian artis


Silver, especially the alloy we use at Anú Jewelry (950 sterling silver) is resistant. Nevertheless, these still are delicate pieces. Therefore, you are advised to store them separately in humidity-free places and avoid contact with alcohol, lotions, and other corrosive liquids. The jewels that have gemstones may be washed with soft soap, but they must be thoroughly dried with a suitable cloth before storing them. Never use rubber gloves to manipulate the pieces.

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952 sterling silver and natural gemstone


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