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We can perceive its help in cases of insomnia and protection from recurring nightmares, when we need to enhance our metaphysical abilities, and when we need to improve our motivation, these are some of the many benefits of the protective vibration of the Amethyst gem, in addition its vibrations help us with common sense and decision making. It is an excellent gem to help us connect our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

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Technical specifications

Pendant in an open oval of 6 x 3.7 centimeters, containing silhouettes of smaller ovals and Amethyst gem mounted on a bezel. Pendant height 5mm. Weight 17 grams. Natural gem, made in silver Law 950, by hand, by Colombian artisans


Silver, especially the alloy we use at Anú Jewelry (950 sterling silver) is resistant. Nevertheless, these still are delicate pieces. Therefore, you are advised to store them separately in humidity-free places and avoid contact with alcohol, lotions, and other corrosive liquids. The jewels that have gemstones may be washed with soft soap, but they must be thoroughly dried with a suitable cloth before storing them. Never use rubber gloves to manipulate the pieces.

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952 sterling silver and natural gemstone


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