Terms and Conditions

This agreement describes the general terms and conditions applicable to the access and use of the services offered by the website anujewelry.com, property of Anú Jewelry SAS.

Anyone who wishes to access and/or use the site or its services may do so complying with the General Terms and Conditions along with all the other policies and principles that rule Anú Jewelry.com, which are included herein as a reference.

Consequently, each visit, action and transaction on the website, as well as its legal effects, are regulated by these provisions and subject to the applicable law in the Republic of Colombia.


Before using the site and/or its services, the User shall read, understand, and accept all the General Terms and conditions. If you use this Site, you have fully accepted the General Terms and Conditions and Policies by Anú Jewelry.

Therefore, you must strictly observe them.

Legal Capacity

The Services and/or the Site are only available to individuals with legal capacity to enter into an agreement. Those who do not have such capacity, minors, or Users of Anú Jewelry who have been temporarily suspended or definitively disabled shall not use the services.

Signing up

Completing all the fields in the sign up form with valid information is mandatory to purchase the products and services offered by this site. Future Users shall fill it out with their Personal Information in an accurate, precise, and truthful manner and commit to update it as necessary.

Anú Jewelry may use different means to identify its Users but shall NOT be held accountable for the accuracy of the Personal Information provided by Users. In any case, the Users guarantee and are responsible for the veracity, accuracy, and authenticity of the Personal Information they enter.

Anú Jewelry reserves the right to request proof and/or additional data in order to corroborate the Personal Information as well as to temporarily or permanently suspend User accounts whose information could not be confirmed. In case of deactivation, the purchase will be dismissed, without recourse to the right to compensation.

Once they have signed up, Users are provided with a username and a password or code that will enable personalized, confidential, and safe access. Users may change the password following the process explained in the corresponding site. Additionally, Users shall take full responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of their Password registered in this website, which enables to make purchases and obtain information. Such password is for personal use and providing it to third parties absolves Anú Jewelry from any responsibility in case of misuse.

Users shall be responsible for all the operations conducted in their Account on their behalf and/or by third parties because the access to it is restricted by entering and using the Secret Password, which shall be known exclusively by the User. Users must immediately notify Anú Jewelry via a suitable and reliable means of communication of any unauthorized use of their Account as well as the access by unauthorized third parties. It should be noted that the any type of sale, assignment, or transfer of the Password is prohibited.

Anú Jewelry reserves its right to reject any application or cancel a previously-accepted one without being obliged to communicate or explain the reasons for its decision, without recourse to any right to indemnity or compensation.

Information Privacy

To use the Services offered by Anú Jewelry, Users must provide specific personal information. The latter is processed and stored in servers or digital media that meet high security and protection standards in physical and technological terms. To learn more about Personal Information privacy and the cases in which it would be disclosed, you may refer to our Privacy Policy.

Amendments to General Terms and Conditions

Anú Jewelry may modify, without prior notification, the General Terms and Conditions at any moment by publishing the amended terms on its Site.

Using the Site

Besides offering goods on its site, Anú Jewelry will inform the steps to complete operations in an unambiguous and easily-accessible manner. The mere fact of following the steps in this site to make a purchase means effectively accepting that Anú Jewelry has complied with all the conditions contained in this section. The company will also provide its mail or email address and the technical means for consumers to identify and correct errors in shipping or personal information.

Accepted Payment Methods

The products and services offered on this site (unless otherwise specified for particular cases or special offers of determined goods or services) may be paid by credit card through the systems prepared for that purpose.
Notwithstanding the aforementioned, the payment methods may be changed at any moment for particular or all the offers posted on the Site. Such change will be published on the site through the means that Anú Jewelry deems most suitable. The use of cards will be subject to the provisions of the Terms and Conditions and, regarding its issuer, to the corresponding Account Opening Agreements and Rules of Use agreed upon. The data of credit cards accepted in this site such as issue date, expiration, credit limit, blocking, etc. are ruled by the Account Opening Agreement and the Rules of Use; as a result, Anú Jewelry shall not be held responsible for any of these aspects. The site may indicate extraordinary purchase conditions depending on the method payment.

Completing Transactions

On its website, Anú Jewelry offers goods and/or services that may be accepted electronically or using the mechanisms the site lists for that purpose. Any offer acceptance is subject to the condition precedent that Anú Jewelry validates the transaction. As a consequence, for each operation conducted in this site, the confirmation and/or validation by Anú Jewelry shall be a requirement for its completion.

In order to validate the transaction, Anú Jewelry shall verify that:

  • at the moment of accepting the offer, such item is in stock.
  • the payment method offered by the user is valid and accepted; and
  • the data entered by the customer in the site match those provided when the offer was accepted.

To notify the user or consumer of this validation, Anú Jewelry will send a written confirmation to the user who accepted the offer to the registered email address or by any other means of communication that ensures the duly and timely delivery of information. The operation will be deemed complete once this written confirmation is sent to the user, which is valid in the territory where it was issued.

Validity of the Offer and Price

It refers to the final day indicated in the special offer or in virtue of the exhaustion of the number of products available for that sale, which is duly announced to the Consumer.

The prices of products available in this site will only be valid and applicable in it and not necessarily to other sale channels used by Anú Jewelry, such as brick-and-mortar stores, telephone sales, catalogues, and other existing types.

Anú Jewelry may modify any information contained in this site (including merchandise, services, prices, stock, and conditions) at any moment without prior notification until a purchase acceptance is received, which would be legally-binding on Anú Jewelry.

Special Offers

The promotions or discounts in this website are not necessarily the same for other sales channels used by Anú Jewelry. In case the site contains offers in which a product is sold at a discount price after buying another item, the discounted or free good will be shipped to the same address of the original product, unless the buyer specifies two different addresses when the offer is accepted. In that case, the buyer shall pay the cost of shipping both products separately. These discounts cannot be enjoyed if all the products included in the offer are not collectively purchased.


The products purchased on the site are subject to the shipping and delivery conditions available on it. Additionally, Users are exclusively responsible for their shipping information. The shipping and delivery times are calculated in business days starting on the date Anú Jewelry validates the purchase order and the payment method. See our Shipping Police.

Right to Withdraw

The user or consumer may withdraw from the purchase operations conducted on this site. See our shipping policy.

Returns and Refunds Procedure

Within said period, the consumer may ship the purchased product back to Anú Jewelry to return it. The item with original labels, packaging, and accessories should be in perfect condition and accompanied by the corresponding invoice or receipt; it should also meet the remaining conditions in our Warranty and Return policy, which can be found.

Use of Personal Information Registered in the Site

The data referred to in these Terms and Conditions are used to validate the operations of users and/or consumers and improve the information and commercialization of the products provided by Anú Jewelry. Information may only be provided to subsidiaries of or companies related to Anú Jewelry and in no case shall it be disclosed to third parties. The owners of the personal data can exercise their right to access them free of charge at intervals no shorter than 6 months, unless legitimate interest is proven in accordance with the provisions in Section 14, Subsection 3, of Law 25,326. In Colombia, The NATIONAL DATA PROTECTION AUTHORITY is the control agency established by Law 25,326 responsible for addressing the reports and claims regarding failure to comply with personal data protection regulations.

System or Database Breach

Any action or use of devices, software, or any other type of medium aimed at disrupting the activities and operation of Anú Jewelry as well as its offers, descriptions, accounts, or databases is prohibited. Any intrusion, attempt, breach, or activity that violates or is against the regulations on intellectual property rights and/or the prohibitions in this agreement will make the responsible accountable for the corresponding legal actions and sanctions described in this agreement, as well as the compensation for the caused damage.

Intellectual Property

The content of the pages related to the goods and/or services provided by Anú Jewelry, as well as the information, data, text, figures, images, photographs, audio and videoclips, logos, icons, programs, databases, networks, and files that enable Users to access and use their Accounts are property of Anú Jewelry and are protected by international laws and treaties on copyright, brands, patents, models, and industrial designs. The misuse and total or partial reproduction of said contents are prohibited, except in case of express written consent by Anú Jewelry.

Third-Party Websites

Anú Jewelry shall not be responsible for the information provided by other websites and the consequences derived from it. Anú Jewelry does not guarantee, validate, or back up in any way the access, information, or content of any other website or portal if a link, banner, or any other device available on the Internet provided access to or from our site. The Site may contain links to other websites, but this does not indicate they are property of or operated by Anú Jewelry. Since Anú Jewelry does not control said sites in any way, it shall NOT be responsible for the contents, materials, actions, and/or services they provide or the damages or losses caused by using them, whether directly or indirectly. The presence of links to other website does not imply a partnership, relationship, approval, or support of Anú Jewelry to said sites or their content.

Sanctions. Suspension of accounts

Without prejudice to other measures, Anú Jewelry will warn and temporarily suspend or permanently deactivate a User’s or publication’s Account, start the actions it deems necessary, and will not provide its services if:

  • Any law or provision in the General Terms and Conditions and other policies of Anú Jewelry is violated.
  • User obligations are not met.
  • In the opinion of Anú Jewelry, criminal or fraudulent behaviors or acts have been observed or committed.
  • The User’s identity cannot be confirmed or any provided information is incorrect.

In case of suspension or deactivation of a User’s account, all the purchased items and offers will be removed from the system, without recourse to any claim whatsoever in favor of the User.

System Failure

Anú Jewelry does not guarantee the absence of eventual technical difficulties or failures in the systems or the Internet connection. Also, Anú Jewelry does not guarantee continuous and uninterrupted access to and use of its site. Eventually, the system may not be available due to technical difficulties, connectivity issues, or any other circumstance beyond the control of Anú Jewelry. In such cases, the company will work to reestablish the service as soon as possible. Anú Jewelry does not guarantee the absence of errors or omissions in its website.

Pricing. Billing

Signing up in Anú Jewelry is free of charge. When a product is purchased, the user shall pay the price published in the site and, if applicable, shipping and delivery charges. Anú Jewelry reserves the right to modify, change, add, or eliminate the applicable rates at any time, which will be published on its site. However, Anú Jewelry may temporarily modify the Pricing Policy and the rates for its services due to special offers. Such modifications enter into force when the offer is published or announced and are valid until its final date. Anú Jewelry reserves the right to take the legal and out-of-court actions it deems suitable to collect the outstanding amount.

In case of incorrect charges, the User should get in touch with our Customer Service representatives to solve the situation. They can call 0810-888-4363 in Colombia or send an email to info@anujewelry.com, which will be replied as soon as possible.

Applicable Law

All the provisions in this agreement are ruled by the laws of the Republic of Colombia currently in force, which can be found in this site: www.gov.co

Principal Address

The principal and legal address of Anú Jewelry SAS is Carrera 64 B Nº 38-34 Int. 501 Medellín – Antioquia, Republic of Colombia.